Kobra Kwaai SKate Clubhouse

The people have spoken and we have listened. The skate community is now bigger than ever and we still struggle to find safe spaces to practice, especially in the Southern Suburbs. We have been investigating creating a space and club and we are in the process of delivering. Please see below for more info, our game plan, and FAQ’s.


We have partnered with Protea Sports Club for our skaters. Membership will give you access to the club facilities. There are two spaces at the Sports Club for us to use for skating.


An outdoor section that measures approximately 17m x 34m. The court will be accessible during certain times for members who pay the monthly court fee. We aim to have this space available and skate-able from the end of June.

What does skate-able mean? What repairs can we expect?

We have a phased plan which relies on fundraising to repair, work on the court, and add additional facilities. We will be fundraising through donations, sponsorship and through membership payments.


An indoor section that is slightly bigger than the court. This will be open during specific hours (aiming for two Sundays per month, 10am-12pm) which will have a released schedule as well as every Wednesday evening. This will be available for members and drop ins will be allowed for non-members for SUNDAYS ONLY.

THIS Is awesome. I have questions.

Great, we love that enthusiasm! See below for FAQs.

Once you are a member you will be issued with a card that looks something like this (design tbc). If you are a monthly court skater, you will get a sticker for the month/s you’ve paid for.

PLEASE KEEP THIS ON YOU AT ALL TIMES. This will allow us to ensure no strangers are on the property and to call your emergency contact if anything goes wrong.

Annual membership is R850 for the first year.

Monthly court membership is R150 per month.

If you’d like to pay upfront you can pay R2 200 which = 10x months court access and 12x months membership. By paying in bulk you will be saving R150.

Annual membership will include administration costs, access to Protea Sports Club (we are fine turning what this means across the archery and table tennis clubs), free entry to all indoor Kwaai Sunday sessions and priority booking for paid events like workshops or discos.

It also includes indoor sessions every Wednesday 5-7pm.

Your annual fee will cover 1 May 2023 – 30 April 2024. We aim to reduce this amount for 2024, dependent on funding. In the future we hope to add more sessions, either indoor or outdoor as part of the annual membership.

Some quick maths: if we have two Kwaai Sundays a month (that’s 11 months), your R850 fee divided by 22 = only R38,50 per session!

You also get to access the hall every Wednesday evening from 5-7pm, there are 46 Wednesdays left until April (as of 9 June).

We aim to raise funding and have the court area available for skating by end of June.


No, our membership will run from May 1st 2023 – April 30th 2024 for everyone. There are no pro-rata rates for late joiners for this year.

Kwaai Sundays are indoor skate sessions we host at the Protea Sports Club. These take place from 10am-12pm. We aim to have two sessions a month, on the second and fourth Sunday every month. This is subject to change depending on outside factors, such as The Argus, public holidays and availability. These are NOT lessons, they are sessions for you to come and skate how you want. That being said, everyone is always willing to share tips and tricks.

The monthly fee gives you access to the court during operating hours, and free access to any workshops we have. You will also get a reduced rate on paid events, such as discos. Monthly fees are R150 per month.

Unfortunately not. In order to have access to the court and pay the monthly amount, you must be a member of the club and pay the annual membership fee.

Absolutely. Court access is month-to-month/pay-as-you-go. All you need to do is pay at the beginning of the month that you want to use the court. You can skip months, have two months on, etc, once you are a member.

The court will be open in the day and evenings. We have noted survey results and will take answers into account. We will confirm these times in the next few weeks.

Absolutely! This includes how we use the money and what facilities we can offer. For now, phase 1 and 2 are non-negotiable. However, any input and suggestions are welcome and appreciated from our members on what they’d like to see in the club moving forward. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will do everything suggested, but we will strongly consider and implement the suggestions that are viable and will help the club and its members.

We will be planning a range of workshops, such as jumping and transitions etc. We are also open to hearing what our members would like to learn.

Skaters cannot drop in to skate on the court. This requires membership and monthly fees. However, non-members can drop in to Kwaai Sundays for R60 a session and will be able to pay for workshops and discos.

Drop in skaters MUST confirm ahead of time. They can do this by following instructions on Discord or emailing us at aweh@kobrakwaai.com

This is to ensure the hall isn’t overcrowded.

Yes, both quads and inlines are welcome.

No, this space is only for inline and quad skaters at this time. No other wheels will be allowed.

We plan to create safe spaces for those under the age of 18 in the future. As of right now we are only accepting members over the age of 18.

For now we will allow it until we open up the membership to those under the age of 18. For Kwaai Sundays they will need to pay a drop in fee of R60 and you will need to be present. If this is something you will be doing we will need you to sign an indemnity form. If you have court access, the same rules apply.

Unfortunately you cannot bring a friend to the court unless they are a member and pay the monthly fee. Non-member friends are welcome to drop in to any other paid event.

Unfortunately not at this time.

The hall will be opened by us and the club for Kwaai Sundays. We are currently investigating safe access to the court with either a combination lock or Bluetooth/NFC/app system. The security and access will be developed as we get more funds. Eventually, we hope to have biometric access.

Yes, there is parking outside the hall. Drive into the club and find parking on the gravel. You can also park on the grass outside the court.

Safety is very important to us. We will be implementing additional safety measures during the phases and there is a security guard/caretaker on site 24/7. Every member will be able to contact them when needed. We ask that if you use the court area, you lock the gate behind you and keep your belongings inside the fence.

No. Please make sure to bring water/drinks to stay hydrated while you skate.

Yes, these are standalone events that are free and open to the public with the aim to make skating accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced. These will continue, on the third Sunday of every month, excepting months where we host clean skate parties.

Yes! These will happen every three months to keep your skates in tip top shape.

Please email us at members@kobrakwaai.com and let us know. We are investigating subsidised membership options.

Because we are using membership fees to fund our repairs and developments, we would appreciate it greatly if you can pay upfront. However, we understand that it’s not possible for everyone. Please email us at members@kobrakwaai.com and we can discuss the best option for you.

Amazing! Please pop us a mail at funding@kobrakwaai.com for info on how to help. We have sponsorship options and will gladly accept any donations to help better our facilities.  

No, we are not. The club side of Kobra Kwaai is part of the Protea Sports Club which is an NPO.

The rest of Kobra Kwaai paid events (e.g. Clean Skate Parties) are also not for profit and payment goes to covering costs of materials, renting of venues, etc.

You will be emailed banking information once you have filled out the forms for membership.

Email us at aweh@kobrakwaai.com and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Great question! We anticipate a lot of questions and we may miss some answers. We have created a Google form for you to use with any further questions you have. Please fill this in with your queries: https://forms.gle/yRot2Y3Mm169Xzii8

We request that you do not DM any of us, please understand we are managing many things for Kobra Kwaai as well as our day jobs. We will respond to form queries as quickly as possible.