About Us

What started as a lockdown distraction and hobby for most of us, Kobra Kwaai has grown into a supportive and encouraging community of roller skaters (and some inline skaters) from across Cape Town. Our aim is to create awareness and support all skate related activities around Cape Town that are safe and open to all.

We organise a monthly Community Skate Day that everyone is welcome to attend. We make sure that the trail is accessible to all levels, especially beginners. Join our Discord to chat with other community members and stay up to date with upcoming events, or follow us on Instagram. Skating has helped many of us, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Roller skating has a lot of benefits and there is such a lot of fun to be had while doing it. And maybe even meet some cool people while you’re at it

Who are we?


Cindy started rollerskating in lockdown as a distraction and very quickly turned into an everyday passion. Cindy is willing to try all styles and is still uncertain where her heart really lies, other than on 8 wheels. Her current goals are to be able to jump on and off a pavement and a long-term goal is to own a pair of every kind/brand of skate. Cindy’s main goal is to have fun while skating and hopes everyone she skates with, does too:)


Claire’s love for skating could be described as *obsessed*. Preceded only by her love for cats, quadskating ignited a passion she never knew existed. Claire loves all styles of skating, is determined to learn every skill, refs for her local derby team, and loves jumping. She is always willing to help guide new skaters with learning the basics, drilling them on how to fall safely and cheering on every success.


Abi has always had a love for skating but never really had the opportunity to do it, until she noticed Cindy-Lee smashing daily Instagram reels of her skate journey during lockdown. Abi’s heart leans towards artistic skating and also attends artistic ice skating lessons with Black Panthers Club. She also dreams of the thrills on ramps but is limited by her super cautiousness. Abi is happy to guide beginner skaters too!


Jiyaad’s obsession with skating started out as a way to keep fit while having fun. Jiyaad skates on both inline and quad skates, loves doing regular urban skates and practising moves in the skate park. Jiyaad is happy to help the beginner and intermediate skaters learn new skills and offer training on safety while out skating.